I am a Dublin-based singer-songwriter, born in Berlin where the grey shimmers in the dazzling light of August.

Music means cultural exchange, tolerance and freedom to me, and I believe in the empathy and nostalgia of music which lets you drown yourself somewhere between feeling and forgetting.

Memories of endless summers in the South of Spain or how I lost my heart to Marrakesh, where the red streets burn under a pomegranate sun …


Since 2020: BIMM Dublin student, Modern Commercial Music: Songwriting

2019-20: Travelling through Spain and Morocco and volunteering in a shelter for homeless people

2019: German Abitur

2018: Female lead part in a school musical (watch)

2016-2017: Year abroad in Lorca, South of Spain

2015-2019: Band Eddi & Elma (hear)

Since 2016: Playing the guitar

2012-16: Drum player and vocalist in the school jazz band

Since 2010: Playing the drums

Since 2006: Playing the piano

August 2000: Born in Berlin